Increase profitability and prevent maturation with OceanLite

Applying OceanLite lights to farmed fish prevents maturation, enhances growth and feed digestion.

OceanLite underwater lights series are used in juvelile and smolts in tanks and salmon and cod cages in seawater and lakes.

The standard cable length is 40m special marine PUR cable, with options for shorter or longer versions to best fit the application.


  • Less energy consumption and carbon footprint
  • Service-life 4-5 photoperiodic seasons
  • Higher intensity
  • Scientifically tested results
  • Increases growth
  • Reduces maturation
  • Better control with feeding etc.
  • High colour temperature
  • Comfortable electrical start
  • Even and good light spreading


The most energy efficient fish farming metal halide light in the market with:

  • 20.000 hours bulb life time
  • 80 % lumen maintenance
  • 10% less energy usage
  • 50-80% less bulb change cost

Example: Oceanlite XPV365W ‘eco’ lumen maintenance and rated bulb lifetime:

JT electric’s Oceanlite underwater lights for photoperiodic light control for fish farming, are being delivered World-Wide.

The Oceanlite underwater light are uniquely simple to deploy and to maintain and service.

Oceanlite are offered as integrated and external versions from 365W to 1000W with outstanding service life and light performance.

The Integrated versions:

  • Oceanlite XPV365W ‘eco’  (NEW)
  • Oceanlite XPV400W

The External ballast versions : 

  • Oceanlite XPV875 ‘eco’ (NEW)
  • Oceanlite XPV1000W

Examples of deployment / Monterings exempler:
Deployment in cages (example):



Deployment in tanks (example):